- de-sign (di-zin') ... to formulate a plan for, to create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner. - sta-tion (sta'-shen) ... a place or establishment from which a service is provided.
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A lot of concepts need prototype and user testing. We like to explore the mind of the users before, during, and after an interface design project. Design Stations is known for clever graphic languanges that are developed to engange the users to play and trust the immediate environment they are in.

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Design Stations have designed media kits, posters, and other promotions, for client in the past. We will also create a custom typeface for the client that only they have. This reinforces their look and style in advertisements, brochures, and online.

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With the hundreds of service marks and symbols whizzing by us everyday, it is amazing that there is room for more. We can design a logo or we can come up with a wicked identity system with branding assets and style guides. Design Stations creates identities that work with the company.



Design Stations like to think of ourselves as visual communicators that have highly tuned interactive skills. We enjoy creating the desired results for the users experience when we take on interactive piece.

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Design Stations is a place where ideas are generated and developed to meet each individual projects and needs. We build projects to be effective, yet enganging and interesting for the viewers.

Being a design firm nowadays, demands that we have a knowledge in a number of fields and have an understanding of the market we are designing for. Our skills range from web to print. We can accomodate a lot of requests when it comes to creation and working with other teams to execute the delivery of the projects.


Jay Mee

Web Developer

Er Lee

Graphic Designer

Jay Cee

Account Manager

Cee Cee


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